Stage and Film Credits  (Partial List)

As Henry Deitrick in Richard Akel's "The Big Con"
In the role of the Impresario in Mozart's operetta "The Impresario", Oakland Lyric Opera Company
In the role of King Lear in the Saint Mary's Collegiate Players production of Shakespeare's "King Lear"

Lear in Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, St. Mary’s Collegiate Players;  Serebryakov in Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya”, 
Stanford Drama;   Impresario in Mozart’s “The Impresario”, Oakland Lyric Opera;  Von Eden/Hodges in Bates “A 
Fair Country”, Inquiline Theatre Co.;   Einstein in Durrenmatt’s “The Physicist”, Stanford Drama;   The Head 
Waiter in Wesker’s “The Kitchen”, Stanford Drama;   Lord Arundel in Marlowe’s “Edward II”, Stanford Drama;  
Blake’s (understudy) in George Coate’s “20/20 Blake” George Coate’s Theatre Co.;   Santa Claus in Robert 
Battaile’s “Santa and Sons & Daughter” feature film;   Henry Deitrich in Richard Akel’s “The Big Con” short film;   
Ron Sheade in BBC Education’s ‘The JAL Disaster”, Stone City Films